Key account plans

Hello Daniel,
Here is my presentation.
Thanks for the great training this week!!
Vriendelijke groet | Kind regards,
Manager Projecten Noord Nederland

Opportunity workshop documents

Hi Daniel,
Yes big thank you for the training day, I found it very helpful and informative and will definitely take these pointers for future projects.
Thanks again and look forward to meeting you again soon :-)
Mit freundlichen Grüßen / Kind regards
MS | Senior Sales Consultant VIC & SA

Personal implementation plan

Thank you Daniel… Great session today and look forward to the management accountability topics tomorrow!
Have a good night.
Kind regards
A.N.| Managing Director, Asia Pacific

NZ Sales

Hi Team,
Just to let you all know that Team NZ (J. and B. just had our biggest ever week of sales ”across the ditch” !
Well done Bro’s!
I guess it was mainly due to the training provided by Daniel  a couple of weeks ago! Looking forward to seeing all that training bring success in Australia also!
Please keep G. and I informed of any situations you have used your new techniques that have bought you success and we can share this information and keep everyone practising their new found skills.
Best regards,
Managing Director

Best Sales course

Hello Daniel,
It was a pleasure meeting you last week in London. I must thank you because your training has given me a new prospective on the customer approach. Being that this was the third course in sales that I have taken in my career, I must say that it was the best one that I done. It was extremely engaging and fun.
I walked away with many techniques that I now look forward to implementing. The meeting pre-planning was one of them. Preparing the open ended questions before the meeting is definitely something that I will use. Also the 20/80 is a great idea to keep in mind so that we don't get carried away with small talk. The opportunity pre-qualification is a great time and investment saving tool.  
It was very helpful being able to go through all the tools rather than being told they are on a web page and use them. I've learned much in the short 4 days. Thank you again!

Warm regards,
International Global Projects Consultant

Personal implementation plan & Workshop Feedback Form

Hi Daniel,
I hope you’re enjoying the beautiful Great Ocean Road and surroundings.

Please find my implementation plan attached. A very warm thank you for your great work! The sales training exceeded my expectations by far, and I think it has been a great experience for the whole team at xyz Australia. What a shame that I won’t see how they are going to implement your ideas and advice in daily business life. I’m really glad to have the opportunity to evaluate my work and get advice from an expert. Thank you Daniel!

I will see you on Monday.

Best regards, K.