Presentation Structures

In the workshop «Presentation structure» you get tipps how to structure an attractive presentation.
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Successful selling is not based on a purely scientific basis. This booklet contained over 20 years of sales and guidance experience. It obtains tipps tested in practical life and supports the readers to become even more successful. The fibula can be read as a whole or in sections to those topics, which current challenges are.


The workshop “Creating Efficient Presentation Structures” is supposed to give participants information and motivation for the goal-oriented creation of presentations in which the main focus is tender presentations since those presentations are the most comprehensive and usually the most costly.However, the acquired knowledge can also be transferred to other presentations and meetings – many ideas are also valid in similar form for written communication in the form of management reports, tenders, and project reports.
The participants work on their own presentations or on a case study developed by us.

Who should attend

The workshop “Creating Efficient Presentation Structures” is oriented towards people who regularly give internal or external presentations.

Workshop goals

The participants learn how to create presentations that have a clear storyline and are aimed at specific target groups.By means of a tender presentation, the participants learn how to create a structured presentation design and how to develop clear goals for the presentation.The message conveyed to the participants from the goals is clear and oriented towards solutions and benefits.

Workshop content
  • Participant analysis with content and “linguistic” organization criteria
  • Definition of presentation goal and message conveyance
  • Development of compelling introductions and conclusions
  • Understanding and creation of presentation hierarchies with storylines and “PERFORMANCE” control – main focus on the development of methods and tools (e.g., pyramidal presenting, logic and structure trees, five-sentence technique, mind mapping, etc.)
  • Benefits analysis and formulation of benefits arguments specific to target groups
  • Solution-oriented versus problems
  • Creation of “action titles”
  • Composition of visualization
  • Building up and maintaining suspense
  • Tips on the implementation of presentations

The two day workshop begins on the first day at 9:00 am and ends at on the second day approximately 4:30 pm.

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