Very often there is a gap between the sales process and the following implementation. The client does not understand why information he gave the sales person not was communicated to the implementation people. 

Here supporting tools like CRM software can help that all customer information are on one single place and accessible from everybody. 
But it happens again and again that the client reaction is not so friendly. 
For this reason we have developed a workshop how the implementers have to react in an unpleasant situation. This to insure that you have a satisfied client.

Who should attend

Service, pre-sales, after-sales, mangers

Workshop goals
  • Keep calm also in critical situations
  • Follow the Harvard negotation structure
  • Handle negative situation easier
  • Balanced and happy at work
Workshop content
  • The customer and his needs
  • The stages of a complain
  • The mind can control the reaction
  • Body language
  • Recognise yourself

individual, customer-adapted


own critical situations