The saying “the one who is asking is leading” is absolutely right in this sales phase.
The more I know about a client in the beginning the easier it will be later to develop the value propositions. (Video)

Experience shows that most of the sales persons ask not enough. And so we don’t know which business processes the client has and where we could bring in value to his business with our solutions.

To deepen or to learn the question technique we have developed the workshop series Question technique.

Who should attend

Sales persons and sales teams (Account Manager, Sales Manager, Pre-Sales Consultants), who are interested to get better results from first project meetings.

Workshop goals
  • Repetition of different question techniques
  • Creation of best own SPIN questions
  • Development of joint action plans - together with the customer
  • Asking more questions
Workshop content
  • Meeting structure inkl. small-talk
  • Deepening question techniques
  • SPIN-questions
  • Development of own questionnaire
  • Knowing mor about customer goals
  • Talking the customer language
  • Handling objections
  • Develop joint action plans (JAPs)

2 days


Take with you own examples for upcoming customer meetings